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Home Efficiency in Alameda, Contra Costa & San Francisco

Mason BPP started in the construction industry about 40 years ago as Mason Construction. We worked on a broad variety of projects for a diverse group of customers, learning a great deal about the right, energy efficient way to build buildings along the way. From our experience, we know just how our work in the industry can have an impact on the larger environment. Our crews have worked hard over the years and we are proud of the quality and durability of our work.

Entering the Home Performance Realm

In 2009, our company entered into the exciting home performance market as Mason BPP. As part of that new beginning, we honed our skills and learned the essential elements that comprise a home that meets performance standards. Some of those performance standards are quite strict, such as LEED construction. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED, encompassed many of the ideals we were working to meet.

We also turned to Building Performance Institute (BPI) to secure essential certification and extensive training in specific areas of building performance, including Building Analyst, Multifamily Analyst and Building Envelope Professional. This education and training offered a high level of professionalism and consistent results for our customers.

Committed to Customer Service & Lasting Relationships

Each day, we are able to further refine our knowledge about home performance, efficiency and safety. We've found that offering our customers useful information and details about their home and their options facilitates long-term relationships that ultimately give them a more comfortable, healthy, energy efficient home.

Our hard work and dedication has placed us at the top of home performance companies in the San Francisco, Alameda and Contra Costa areas as one of only a handful of fully integrated builders and energy performance specialists in the region.

We Aim for Efficiency

It has become clear to us that it is our responsibility to change the way we use energy and build buildings. We have made it the mission of Mason BPP to continually search out the best, most responsible and most energy efficient methods and products to protect our environment. We continue with our mission to combine our time-tested craftsmanship with cutting edge home performance technology to make your home a better place to live.

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High degree of craftsmanship

Lowell has built homes I designed in Piedmont and the Oakland hills area. Both projects were executed with a high degree of craftsmanship and went very smoothly. Lowell has shown good communication and organizational skill which accounts for his satisfied clients.

Douglas A. McQuillan, Architect

Faithfully executed

I was the architect for several firestorm area homes, two of which were built by Mason. All field directives relating to refinement of the structure or the aesthetic were faithfully executed. Lowell Mason built several homes I designed in the early 70's including a custom home for my family. These jobs went quite smoothly as well.

David J. Reichel, Architect

Team of professionals committed to excellence

I have used Mason Construction for jobs, large and small, over the past 15 years and the results have been terrific. Lowell Mason's team is highly trained, knowledgeable, and competent in working with architects, designers, and sub-contractors to insure a quality process and a first rate outcome. Lowell's team listens to their clients and they are dedicated to a win-win result. Finally, Lowell and his team are trustworthy, show up on time, leave the job-site clean each day, and complete their work within budget.

Bill C.