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Home Efficiency in Alameda, Contra Costa & San Francisco

Energy Upgrade California provides an online resource to find rebates, resources and financing for improving your home's energy efficiency. This is a public/private non-profit organization formed as a collaboration between Pacific Gas & Electric, the Department of Energy and local governments. Energy Upgrade California provides comprehensive information about the types of improvements and potential rebates worth thousands of dollars, depending on your home savings.

As a certified Energy Upgrade California Contractor, Mason BPP has the skills and experience to help assess your home's performance, identify areas of need and prepare an action plan that prioritizes improvements that will yield the maximum benefits.

California Rebates Available for Improved Efficiency

Some rebates are easy to identify, like replacing old appliances with Energy Star-certified products. For example, replacing an outdated water heater with a new energy efficient model could be worth a substantial discount in the cost of the upgrade, with years of cumulative savings for reduced energy use. Rebate amounts vary in increments depending on the upgrade type and energy saved.

Home Upgrade Rebates

The Energy Upgrade California Home Upgrade offers $1,000 to $3,150 in rebates. This program focuses on the benefits of improving the exterior shell of your home through various improvements that would add up to at least 10% energy savings. These improvements might include added insulation, air sealing, duct sealing ventilation, upgrading to an energy efficient furnace or AC, among other upgrades.

Advanced Home Upgrade Rebates

Homeowners may be eligible for up to $6,500 in rebates when they save as much as 45% of their current energy costs through energy efficiency upgrades. This program is customized to your home's specific design and needs, and can include improving air sealing, insulation, appliance and HVAC system upgrades, among other improvements.

Mason BPP is the Certified Contractor who can design an energy-saving upgrade that will meet the requirements to save nearly half of your home's present energy consumption.

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Consider utilizing Energy Upgrade California!

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Great care in planning the work

Our family has been enjoying the renovations made by Mason. You have added a higher dimension of function and comfort with the remodeled kitchen and bathrooms. We take great pleasure in Mason's excellent craftsmanship. You took great care in planning the work flow in order to inconvenience us as little as possible. For the next expansion, we definitely want to have Mason on board!

Linda & Jon T.

Knowledgeable, professional and courteous

We've worked with Mason Construction several times through years. I wouldn't think of calling anyone else. They are knowledgeable, professional, and courteous. Their crew is very considerate of our living space and the quality of their work is superb! Great to work with a contractor and staff who 'does it right.

Barbara & Andrew F.

Team of professionals committed to excellence

I have used Mason Construction for jobs, large and small, over the past 15 years and the results have been terrific. Lowell Mason's team is highly trained, knowledgeable, and competent in working with architects, designers, and sub-contractors to insure a quality process and a first rate outcome. Lowell's team listens to their clients and they are dedicated to a win-win result. Finally, Lowell and his team are trustworthy, show up on time, leave the job-site clean each day, and complete their work within budget.

Bill C.