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We've made it part of our team's DNA at Mason BPP to maintain a high level of excellence through training and certification. We believe that the more we know, the better we can serve our customers and ensure that we develop the best possible solution for an energy efficient and comfortable home.

One measure of that dedication is the certifications Mason BPP holds. These designations reflect many hours of training and our commitment to staying on top of an ever-evolving home performance industry. Our certifications keep us sharp!

Building Professional I­nstitute (BPI) GoldStar Contractor

The independent, not-for-profit Building Performance Institute develops national standards for residential energy efficiency and weatherization retrofit work. These standards provide a framework for quality and consistency in the home performance industry. As a Gold Star Contractor, Mason BPP has committed to a high level of quality and excellence. We use these guidelines every day to ensure we conduct our testing and assessment in a consistent manner.

BPI Building Analyst

A certified Building Analyst provides a whole home assessment to determine why your home is not performing well. Once the causes are identified, we can prioritize solutions based on building science standards.

BPI Envelope Professional

This certification provides the tools to review your home's outer shell or "envelope." Improvement of your home's envelope reduces air leakage to make your home feel more comfortable and operate more efficiently.

BPI Multi-Family Analyst

Mason BPP is also trained for the special challenges posed by multi-unit residential buildings: to optimize tenant comfort and improve energy efficiency for lower operation costs.

Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) Member

For 40 years, ACCA has led the indoor environment and energy services industry. ACCA provides specific Quality Standards that precisely map out the procedures we follow when installing, designing, maintaining and verifying indoor air conditioning systems. Having these guidelines as part of our professional toolkit, we can cover all the necessary steps to ensure your home's performance and comfort.

Carrier Comfort Dealer

A Carrier Comfort Dealer knows how to properly size your heating and cooling system to not only maximize your energy dollar, but to also provide a more comfortable home. At Mason BPP, we meet several requirements -- including extensive factory training as well as ongoing annual training seminars each spring -- to earn this distinction.

Energy Upgrade California Certified Contractor

The home performance team at Mason BPP is a certified Energy Upgrade California contractor. This certification requires that we be bonded, licensed and have completed Building Performance Contractor training. Energy Upgrade California is a public non-profit that is funded through California's Public Utilities Commission and area utilities to help maximize the state's limited energy resources. Our team will ensure that your energy efficiency upgrades meet the requirements for valuable rebates.

EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Indoor Air Quality Specialist

The US Environmental Protection Agency provides a wealth of information about indoor air quality, including essential checklists Mason BPP technicians reference while conducting home performance audits. As IAQ Specialists, we have competed valuable online training and coursework to expand our expertise. With this certification, we are able to offer the best standards for ensuring your home is properly sealed and ventilated.

US Green Building Council LEED Approved Professional

LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design-designated buildings meet very specific guidelines to ensure they are resource efficient, water and energy conserving and cost-effective. Mason BPP has completed the Approved Professional certification and completed a broad array of LEED rated projects. The LEED system focuses on using nearby resources, lowering environmental impact and creating a healthy building environment for occupants. Mason BPP's experience in LEED projects gives us a level of expertise that pays big dividends for our customers at all levels. LEED has helped us to re-think our approach to building and home performance in many positive ways.

Professional services backed by extensive qualifications.

Our team can handle your next home efficiency project!

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I was the architect for several firestorm area homes, two of which were built by Mason. All field directives relating to refinement of the structure or the aesthetic were faithfully executed. Lowell Mason built several homes I designed in the early 70's including a custom home for my family.

David J. Reichel, Architect, CA