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Energy audits are the first step to improving your home's performance and efficiency. Mason BPP has the specific training and tools to identify problem areas and causes behind high energy bills, drafty rooms, and poor indoor air quality.

Save Money with an Energy Audit

Most of our customers decide to have an energy audit to reduce the cost of heating and cooling their homes. That's a great reason, and many of those folks also learn a lot about improving their home's comfort and health as part of home performance.

Savings & a Safe, Healthy Home

After a visual inspection of your home's exterior, attic, heating and cooling systems, the Mason BPP technician will set up several efficiency and safety tests:

  • Blower Door Test

This test uses a powerful fan to lower the air pressure inside your home to a testing level. Outside air will be drawn in through gaps and cracks in your home's envelope.

  • Infrared Thermal Imaging

The areas where outside air infiltrates can be identified with an infrared camera that adds color to images marking differences in temperature. Where the colors are strongest, we can identify small gaps or cracks, missing insulation and/or leakage around fixtures, doors and windows. We use thermal imaging in addition to our visual inspection of all areas of the house to get an accurate view of the building shell.

  • Duct Blaster

This powerful fan is attached to a duct vent to test for leakage. Sealing ventilation ductwork can improve your home's efficiency by as much as 30%. Sealing also improves your home's health by keeping allergens and dust from being circulated through the house.

  • Smoke Stick

We'll often use non-toxic smoke to understand airflow within the HVAC systems and ensure that the ductwork is connected properly.

  • Combustion Analyzer & Natural Gas Leak Detector

We'll test to ensure that the burned gases formed when heating (including dangerous carbon monoxide) are being properly exhausted from your home. A test for natural gas can also identify the tiniest leaks for repair.

Home Energy Assessments in Alameda or Contra Costa County

Once the on-site tests are completed and recorded, Mason BPP uses specially designed Energy Pro software to provide a comprehensive assessment of your home and identify where improvements can be made. A full written report is provided for our your review, which will help outline any next steps to boost the comfort, efficiency and health of your home.

Are you ready to save money and feel more comfortable in your Bay Area home? Schedule a comprehensive home energy audit with us today!

Is your home energy efficient?

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