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There's never been a better time to invest in solar photovoltaic panels for your home. At Mason BPP, we've helped many homeowners improve their homes with the alternative energy source of the sun. California helps to make owning a solar photovoltaic installation even more attractive through a variety of financial incentives and rebates.

What is Solar Energy?

Solar photovoltaic panels collect the sun's rays and convert that energy into electricity. The electricity is gathered in direct current (or DC) form, the same as your car battery. To be used in the home, direct current needs to be converted to alternating current (or AC) electrical current. A device called an inverter is commonly used for solar panels. Panels are sized based on their kilowatts-per-hour-production, or kWh.

The Benefits of a Solar Electric System

  • Reduce (or eliminate) electricity bills
  • Little to no maintenance required
  • Generate clean, renewable energy for your home
  • Reduce reliance on the power grid
  • And more!

Experienced in Bay Area Solar Installations

Over many years of construction and HVAC installations, Mason BPP has developed the right combination of panels and techniques to maximize your investment in renewable energy. And, because our customers come from all areas, we've been able to identify the most economic method to improve your home's energy efficiency with solar panels. We know how to size and specify, assess your home's efficiency potential and help you find the right combination of rebates, incentives and financing to achieve your renewable energy goals.

To Lease or To Own?

Because our state has been supportive of solar alternative energy on many fronts, there are a lot of choices, including leasing panels from third-party companies. Like leasing a car, leasing a solar system can make sense for some situations. But there are often hidden fees and potential maintenance challenges that come from dealing with a large organization. In the end, we encourage our customers to ask lots of questions. We find that many decide that owning their solar panels makes financial sense.

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Solar FAQs

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Solar is one type of renewable energy that is really making a difference, especially in the Bay Area. Despite its growing popularity and improving technology, you may still have questions.

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